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Episode 517 
Timberly Loves Arnold / Eugene, Eugene! 

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Timberly Loves Arnold
When Arnold invites Timberly to the park with himself and Gerald, Timberly thinks she's Arnold's boyfriend - and Arnold won't do anything to stop her as long as Lila thinks he's acting gallant about it
Written by Craig Bartlett
Storyboard Direction by Chris Robertson
Animation Direction by Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artists: Miyuki Hoshikawa, Tim Parsons, Steve Lowtwait

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Gerald - Jamil Smith
Timberly - Avriel Epps
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Lila - Ashley Buccille
Grandpa - Dan Castellaneta

  • The park is named "Tina Park"; there's nobody named Tina in the credits, although there could be a Tina Park related/married to Tom Park, who is one of the layout designers.
  • For those of you still wondering what the name of the city is: they visited the Hillwood City Zoological Garden.
  • Timberly was only four years old in "Gerald Comes Over", but now she's in first grade (so she would be six years old, if not seven).
  • Timberly doesn't call the vacant lot "Gerald Field".
  • Where was the crowd at Dinoland?  Arnold, Lila, and Timberly were the only ones on the roller coaster.
  • Arnold says, "It's over with Lila" - Helga fans everywhere are rejoicing.

Eugene, Eugene!
Eugene and Lila are the stars of the school musical - but Eugene isn't particularly happy that the director has changed the ending to have the upbeat hero lose the girl to the villain and then get hit by a trolley
Written by Craig Bartlett, Michelle Lamoreaux
Storyboard Direction by Chris Robertson
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
Storyboard Artists: Miyuki Hoshikawa, Tim Parsons, Steve Lowtwait

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Helga - Francesca Smith
Eugene - Blake Ewing
Phoebe, Betty - Anndi McAfee
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Stinky - Christopher P. Walberg
Lila - Ashley Buccille
Leichliter - Tim Curry

  • There was a "Lyrics by Michelle Lamoreaux (and) Craig Bartlett" credit next to the "Music by Jim Lang" credit.
  • "Where have I seen that director before?"  He was the drama critic in "School Play".
  • "Where have I heard that director before?"  Probably on The Wild Thornberrys, as Leiclliter is voiced by Tim Curry, the voice of Nigel Thornberry.
  • Although they don't mention Arnold's last name, they mention Lila's ("Sawyer", although it's hard to tell for certain because of Leichliter's accent) and Eugene's, although Principal Wartz says Eugene's last name in the first season story "False Alarm".
  • "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a hoot" - change "hoot" to "damn" and it's Rhett Butler's last line in Gone With the Wind.  (Actually, back then, there was a law against using "damn" in movies - in the Abbott & Costello movie The Naughty Nineties, the ending to "Who's On First?" had to be changed from "I don't give a damn" to "I don't care" - but the studio that made Gone With the Wind couldn't come up with a better line and decided to leave the line in as it appeared in the book and pay the fine.)
  • "When life gives you lemons..." - usually, that ends "make lemonade" (in other words, make the best of a bad situation).
  • Where are everybody's parents?  Of the parents we know about, only Gerald's mother is in the audience.
  • How did the orchestra - and the others in the play, for that matter - know the words to the "new" closing song?

Lyrics - Lila's audition
It's not easy being perfect
It's not easy being sweet
To be constantly amusing
And have dainty size 6 feet
I'm Little Miss Perfect, or so people say
Nonetheless, I must confess
That it's hard being me
And in spite of what you see
I'm perfectly sad today

Lyrics - "Eugene, Eugene!"
Eugene!  Eugene!
Eugene!  Eugene!
Who's the pluckiest, life is suckiest
Gosh darn unluckiest, watch out for that truckiest
Fellow you've ever seen?
Eugene!  Eugene!
Eugene!  Eugene!
Who's the jolliest, trip and falliest
By gosh, by golliest, watch out for that trolleyest
Fellow who's ever been?
Eugene!  Eugene!
Eugene!  Eugene Eugene!

Lyrics - "When Life Gives You Lemons, Dance!"
When life gives you lemons, dance!
Dance like there's a muskrat in your pants
When your toes are tappin'
Nothin' bad can happen
When life gives you lemons, dance!
When life lays a lemon on your plate,
Kick up your heels and celebrate
When you're caught in a downpour
With nothing to live for
Strike your most spirited stance...
And dance!  Dance!!  Dance!!!
The first five lines are from Eugene's audition; the next six are from the rehearsal; in the show itself, Eugene sings the first two and last four

Lyrics - "Nice Guys Finish Last"
Nice guys finish last
Bad guys have a blast
Take his money - grab his honey
Dump that loser fast
Who cares if you're nice?
Nice guys pay the price
Life lambasts them
While jerks cruise past them
Right to the head of the class
Because nice guys finish last!

Lyrics - "Keep Your Sunny Side Up"
(Chorus lines in italics)
So keep your chin in the air
A spring in your step
Keep a-walkin' with flair
Chock full o' pep
Despite all the odds
Just pump up those clogs
Keep your sunny side up!
Greet the world with a grin
Keep the blues in a jar
Keep your sunny side up
You're gonna go far
Who cares if the day
is balmy and gray
Keep your sunny side - keep your funny side
Keep your sunny side up!


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