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Episode 515 
On The Lam / Family Man 

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On The Lam
Harold, Sid, and Stinky launch a model rocket that crashes into an old police building...when then explodes (because Ernie was demolishing it), forcing the three of them to flee because they think they're responsible
Written by Jonathan Greenberg
Storyboard Direction by Aldin Baroza
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
Storyboard Artists: Ted Seko, Miyuki Hoshikawa

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Grandpa, policeman #3 (who called the other police) - Dan Castellaneta
Ernie, hobo #2 - Dom Irrera
Mr. Simmons, hobo #1 - Dan Butler
Jerry Berman - David Wohl
Marilyn Berman, police radio dispatcher, TV news reporter - Kath E. Soucie
Policemen #1 (with the medallion) and #2 (in the police car) - Joe Lala
Brainy (uncredited) - Craig Bartlett
Uncredited: Caesar (the referee in the wrestling match on TV)

  • In reality, the boys should not have been allowed anywhere near a building about to be demolished, especially one being exploded, as the rubble would have been sent flying.  (In reality, buildings aren't expolded, but imploded - the explosives cause the building to collapse in on itself - but that's another story.)
  • Who's the woman with Stinky's father?  I doubt that it's Stinky's mother, as you never see her in other episodes such as "Stinky's Pumpkin".  (Then again, maybe she's the money earner in the family, the way Suzie is, so she's usually at work.)
  • In the wrestling match, the bell rings after the referee counts to 3...but he's counting while a wrestler is on the mat stomach-first; a pin requires the loser to be on his back.
  • The police dispatcher calls for "1-Adam 12", which is how the officers in the TV series Adam-12 were called (and they had a female dispatcher as well).

Family Man
The new owner of the restaurant where Mr. Hyunh works wants to make it a "family restaurant", and wants his new head chef to be a family man, so Mr. Hyunh pretends he has one - with Suzie as his wife, Arnold as his son, and Grandpa as his father
Written by Steve Viksten
Storyboard Direction by Chris Robertson
Animation Direction by Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artists: Ted Seko, Miyuki Hoshikawa

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Mr. Hyunh - Baoan Coleman
Grandpa, Rockwell - Dan Castellaneta
Grandma - Tress MacNeille
Oskar - Steve Viksten
Suzie - Mary Scheer
Ernie - Dom Irrera
Mr. Camacho - Pat Corley
Abner - Craig Bartlett

  • One day, you're a reguar on one of the top TV shows in the USA, and the next, you're doing cartoon voiceovers: Pat Corley is probably best known as Phil the bartender on Murphy Brown.
  • Nothing new about somebody calling his father "Grandpa"; Homer does it all the time on The Simpsons.  (Coincidentally, Dan Castellaneta voices both "Grandpas".)
  • The "family restaurant" El Patio doesn't look very different from the older version.
  • Here's something unusual; neither Helga nor Gerald are in either story in this episode.

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