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Episode 514 

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When Rhonda predicts (110 times) that Arnold will marry Helga, Arnold and Helga have vastly different ideas as to how life would be like if they really were married to each other
Written by Steve Viksten
Storyboard Direction by Aldin Baroza
Animation Direction by Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artists: Kelly James, Ted Seko

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Helga, Sheena - Francesca Smith
Gerald, Peapod Kid - Jamil Smith
Phoebe, baby - Anndi McAfee
Rhonda, baby - Olivia Hack
Lila, baby - Ashley Buccille (credited as "Buccile")
Eugene - Blake Ewing
Brainy, minister, Earl (man who fished Lila out of the water) - Craig Bartlett
Big Bob Pataki, loading dock supervisor - Maurice LaMarche
Miriam Pataki - Kath E. Soucie
Uncredited: Stewardess on Air Force One

  • Eugene isn't particularly happy to hear that he's going to marry Sheena (at least not as happy as Sheena is), which is strange as they seem to be a "couple" in other episodes.
  • Notice the one couple Rhonda didn't predict - Gerald and Phoebe?
  • The two times you can read something on Rhonda's "origami marriage predictor", it says "Helga" - in two different places (once, she lifted up a flap, and another., she didn't), once in block letters and once in cursive.
  • Usually, these things have numbers, words, or something on the four outside flaps and the top of the eight inside ones, but the way Rhonda did it, they weren't needed.
  • The first time Arnold tries it, he says five, but Rhonda actually makes six moves; the second time, Arnold says three, but Rhonda counts off four.
  • What if more than eight people asked?  You can't fit more than eight names into a fortune teller (well, maybe if each flap had one boy and one girl, so you didn't run the risk of somebody getting married to somebody else of the same sex).

  • Take notes: Arnold's favorite number is five, his favorite color is blue, and he was born on the 7th of the month (they never do say which month).
  • Technically, Arnold really was born on the 7th - somebody pointed out that October 7, 1996 was the day the first episode aired.
  • In Arnold's dream, Eugene plays a Zepplin organ, and Helga has a Purdyvision TV.
  • In Helga's dream, Stinky appears with a full head of hair and a goatee when Helga and Arnold leave, but when he and Harold are dragging Lila away, he has a "buzz cut" and is clean shaven.  (Speaking of which, President Helga looks after her friends; Stinky and Harold are Secret Service agents, and Iggy and Curly are in the airborne troops - and all four of them are seen dragging Lila away at one point or another.)

  • In Helga's dream, her parents have gray hair, but in Arnold's, they look the way they do now.

  • Yes, I wanted to see more of Phoebe's version of Arnold and Helga's future as well...

  • However, apparently somebody thought we were seeing too much of Phoebe; in the scene where everybody is entering the school, right after Arnold talks to Lila, Phoebe literally disappears while she's on-screen.

  • "How do you make one of those 'origami marriage predictors', anyway?"  Here's how (although it's hard to explain without graphics):

    • First, start with a square piece of paper - it only works with square paper.  I'll call the corners A, B, C, and D, with A and C being on one diagonal and B and D on the other.

    • Fold the paper so one corner touches its opposite diagonal one (A touches C).  Repeat with the other pair (B touches D).  Note this makes it easier to find out where the center of the paper is.

    • Fold all four corners in so they meet at the center.

    • Turn the paper over.

    • Fold these four new corners in so they meet at the center.

    • Unfold these four folds; you will see a square and four triangles.  The triangles are the "inside" of the predictor; you write down the "results" (in Rhonda's case, the names) here.  Refold these four folds.

    • Turn the paper over again.

    • You will notice the paper appears to have four squares.  Fold the paper in half lengthwise (so two squares are on top of two other squares), then unfold, then fold in half widthwise (so two squares are on top of two other squares again).

    • This is the hardest part to explain...WIth the paper folded in half, make sure the paper is turned so the fold is lengthwise with the fold on top.  Grab the two top corners and push down so the paper folds itself into what looks like a four-pointed star when looked from above.  Now pull out the four "leaves" from the center of the "star" and then turn it over.

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