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Episode 512 
Harold Vs. Patty / Rich Guy 

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Harold vs. Patty
Harold feels humiliated (mainly because he is humiliated by Sid and Stinky) after losing to Patty in arm wrestling...twice
Story by Robert Lamoreaux
Written by Michelle Lamoreaux
Storyboard Direction by Tim Parsons
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
Storyboard Artists: Kelly James, Diane Kredensor, Caesar Martinez

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Patty - Danielle Judovitz (credited as "Danielle Judovits")
Brainy, Abner - Craig Bartlett
Announcer - Jim Ward

  • Harold went to a "Sly Stallion" (not to be confused with Sly (Sylvester) Stallone) movie, and even drank a glass of raw eggs like Stallone did in Rocky.
  • There are two Pattys in this story; Patty Smith, and Patty Potato (who's on one of the signs in the cafeteria - "Toppy Carrot and Patty Potato Drink Natural Spring Water").
  • Even people with proper posture would find it very difficult to balance three books on their heads, as the top book tends to slide off too easily.
  • Why weren't Wolfgang and Ludwig there?  You would think at least one of them would be stronger than Harold, and they're both younger than Harold, so there wouldn't be an age limit problem.
  • Why didn't Harold simply point out to Stinky, "If I'm a girl for losing to Patty in arm wrestling, what does that make you for losing to me?"  (Or, he could just ask Patty to challenge Sid and Stinky, and then they could see how it feels to be on the losing end.)
  • This episode must take place before "Chocolate Boy", as Chocolate Boy is seen with chocolate all over his face.

Rich Guy
When Arnold stops a hockey puck from hitting a rich man, the man treats Arnold as "the son he never had", which doesn't do much for the son he does have
Story by Steve Viksten and Joseph Purdy
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Carson Kugler
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
Storyboard Artists: Kelly James, Diane Kredensor, Caesar Martinez

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Grandpa, Robot - Dan Castellaneta
Sammy Redmond - Fred Willard
Alan - Miko Hughes

  • The rich guy's name is Sammy Redmond; Redmond, Washington is the headquarters of Microsoft, founded by billionaire Bill Gates.  (Someone else thinks that the name is also a variation on Sumner Redstone, CEO of Viacom (Nickelodeon's parent company.)
  • Arnold's virtual hockey helmet was football-head shaped - are there a lot of people with heads shaped like that?
  • At the baseball game, Tish (Coach Wittenberg's wife) is sitting in the row behind Arnold, but Coach is nowhere to be seen.
  • The last home run at the baseball game was hit by "Mickey Kaline Jr.".
  • "What are those two towers next to the Statue of Liberty in that photo in Alan's room?"  Needless to say, this episode was made before September 11, 2001 (and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody at Nickelodeon would have had that picture redrawn had they known it was still there).

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