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Episode 508 
Summer Love 

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Summer Love
Arnold and Helga spend a week's vacation at the same beach, where Helga tries to keep Arnold away from a girl he likes...and who's only using him to win a sand castle building contest (and the appearance on
Babewatch that goes with it)
Written by Joseph Purdy and Michelle Lamoreaux
Storyboard Direction by Chris Robertson and Kurt Dumas
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov and Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artists: Aldin Baroza, Cesar Martinez

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Helga - Francesca Smith
Summer - Beverley Mitchell
Gerald, Jamaicans - Jamil Smith
Grandpa, salesman - Dan Castellaneta
Grandma, robbed woman - Tress MacNeille
Oskar, paramedic, fat man (uncredited) - Stephen Viksten
Suzie, woman on bench, woman at beach - Mary Scheer
Ernie - Dom Irrera
Mr. Hyunh - Baoan Coleman
Big Bob Pataki, policeman, TV director - Maurice LaMarche (credited as "Lamarche")
Miriam Pataki, parasail booth woman - Kath E. Soucie
Sandy (Summer's boyfriend), boy with bucket - Phillip Van Dyke
Carlos, robbed man, sand castle judge - Carlos Alazraqui

  • Well, that seems to answer the question "how can Arnold go on vacation if Grandpa has to stay behind to run the boarding house?"; take everybody in the boarding house with him
  • Despite the title and the beach setting, it's not summer, as it's only a week's vacation (the episode's working title is "Beach Story", which is also how it originally appeared in online TV listings)
  • The school bell is made by the Toils Alarm Company (you would think Tolls would have been more appropriate - "ask not for whom the bell tolls...")
  • Arnold's shorts are the same pattern as the shirt he normally wears
  • Isn't Arnold a little old for a pail and shovel?
  • Summer refers to Arnold as "a kid" - how old is she? And what does Arnold see in "older girls"? (First Ruth, then Maria, now Summer...)
  • Despite the beach area being popular, Arnold is the only one on the beach at the beginning
  • When the raft with Arnold and Summer on it pops, it throws them into the air as if it was a bomb, and both of them defy gravity for a moment before landing
  • Arnold tells Summer that the girls in his class aren't nice; doesn't Arnold consider Lila (or Phoebe) "nice"?
  • When Grandpa is calling for help on the seashell, he calls himself "grandpa"
  • Suzie pretty much disappears after she and Miriam go to Carlos' studio for the first time
  • Arnold calls Summer's boyfriend Sandy by name, but nobody mentioned his name to him before he said it
  • How did the policeman know there was someone under the fat man? The metal detector could have been detecting the chair's metal legs
  • The clapboard for the Babewatch episode has the date July 22, 1999
  • The posters for the show say "BABE WATCH" - but the show's title is one word
  • Helga's sandals disappear while she's told she'll be appearing on Babewatch
  • When the taping begins for Babewatch, right after Arnold starts "drowning", Helga is wearing a white top, but when she runs into the water, she's wearing the same red suit that the other female lifeguards are wearing
  • In "Olga Comes Home", Helga's bow is "permanently" tied and is attached to her hair with elastic, but here it's tied directly to her hair and can be unraveled into a straight ribbon
  • By coincidence (or was it?), the TV Guide issue for the week following this episode's first airing in the USA (which started appearing in stores two days before the episode) had an article on Beverley Mitchell, who plays Lucy on 7th Heaven

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