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Episode 317 
Girl Trouble / School Dance 

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Girl Trouble
When Arnold tells Grandpa about the things Helga does to him, Grandpa tells Arnold about a girl who did the same thing when he went to school
Written by Craig Bartlett
Story by Sherm Cohen and Craig Bartlett
Storyboard Direction by Sherm Cohen
Animation Direction by Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artist: Tim Parsons

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Helga, (young) Gertie - Francesca Marie Smith
Gerald - Jamil Smith
Phoebe - Anndi L. McAfee
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Brainy - Craig Bartlett
Mr. Simmons - Dan Butler
Grandpa - Dan Castellaneta
(present-day) Grandma - Tress MacNeille
Big Bob Pataki - Maurice LaMarche

  • Sherm Cohen is the second person to be a writer and a director for the same story (Craig Bartlett was a writer and a director for "24 Hours to Live")
  • Grandma's name is "Gertie"; presumably, it's short for Gertrude
  • Helga says that she "arranged" to work with Arnold, presumably to get Arnold to like her - but considering what happened when they worked together alone (in "Biosquare"), was that such a smart idea?
  • Helga's math book has a new hole in it; in "The Little Pink Book", it was rectangular (to fit her little pink book of Arnold poems)
  • Helga says "What a maroon" to Arnold - that's a Bugs Bunny line
  • Looks like Rhonda isn't the only one who needs glasses: when Helga is sharpening her pencil, she's also sitting behind Arnold

School Dance
Arnold hires Dino Spumoni to sing at P.S. 118's annual dance - but rather than swing, he sings his swan song
Written by Steve Viksten
Storyboard Direction by Stark Howell
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
(only Stark Howell received a "Directed By" credit)
Storyboard Artist: Kurt Dumas

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Dino (speaking, and singing the first song) - Rick Corso
Dino (singing the last song) - Michael B. Levin
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Mr. Simmons, Dino's houseboy - Dan Butler
Grandpa, talent agent - Dan Castellaneta
Mr. Green - James Keane
Oskar - Stephen Viksten

  • Dino's houseboy says he's 69, which makes him 12 years younger than Grandpa, but he doesn't look that young when they appear together in the flashback in "The Old Building"
  • If Dino lives in a mansion, why did he have to move into the Sunset Arms in "Partners"?
  • Presumably, the Circle Theater (the one almost destroyed in "The Old Building", where Dino got his start) isn't quite refurbished yet, since Dino didn't even mention doing his last show there
  • Why would the fourth grade organize a dance?  (How many would want to go to a dance in the first place?)
  • At the end, Gerald is dancing with Phoebe, and Arnold with Rhonda
  • Hatless alert: Sheena knocks Arnold's hat off with her cello bow
  • Special Thanks: Ol' Blue Eyes, the Chairman of the Board, Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra (1915-1998)
    Remember, Socrates said that to do is to be and Plato said that to be is to do, but it took Sinatra to say "do be do be do"

Song Lyrics

My Last Bow

I once was king - that day is gone;
I've been dethroned and stoned by the uncaring throng.
They're ringing down that curtain now -
I guess it's time for my last bow.
Life was a gas, but that gas has passsed;
I've gone from top of the pops to the back of the class;

Auf Wiedersehen, adieu,
and ciao -
Baby it's time for my last bow.
(The next to last line is German, French, and Italian words for "goodbye")

Back in the Swing

Ain't nothin' worse than feelin' you're no good;
Baby, down and out is a lousy neighborhood;
Those knockdown, drag-out days feel like ten rounds in the ring,
Bur don't just hang on the ropes - get back in the swing!
Ah, life's too short to live with your nose out of joint;
Hey, listen up, you punks - I'm makin' a point;
When your back is to the wall and your keester's in a sling,
Quit your mopin' around - get back in the swing!
Oh, I know, life can be cruel;
One day she makes you a king, and the next, you're a fool;
In the blink of an eye, your fortunes can swing,
So jump right in...
'Cause it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!
I ain't the hippest cat in town,
But I'd rather be a swinger than a clown;
So call me a fool, but this fool can sing
And that's all I need - I'm packed for the trip -
Get out of my way - I'll fatten your lip;
Hey, look at me now - I'm back in the swing!

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