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Episode 313 
Arnold & Lila / Grand Prix 

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Arnold & Lila
When Lila sees "Arnold Loves Lila" (written by Helga, who had originally written "Arnold Loves Helga" but changed it) on a wall, she thinks Arnold "likes her likes her", only to be crushed when Arnold tells her that he doesn't - then to realize that he just might
Written by Steve Viksten
Storyboard and Animation Direction by Steve Socki
Storyboard Artists: Mark O'Hare, Edgar Larrazabal

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Lila - Ashley Buccille
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Nadine - Lauren Robinson
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Grandpa - Dan Castellaneta
Brainy - Craig Bartlett

  • Maria and Connie can be seen in the opening scene, near the school
  • Why was Arnold on the bus going home from school with Lila?  He doesn't live that far from the school (and he's walked to school before - he walked home from school at the beginning of this story)
  • Arnold managed to get to his room in time for Helga to see him in the window, despite Arnold (a) having to walk around the buildings while Helga walked between them, and (b) having to get to his room in the attic once he got home
  • Arnold and Lila went to Dalmations In Love - that should be spelled "Dalmatians"
  • Lila told Arnold to meet him near the fountain, but there's no fountain to be seen where they're sitting (maybe it's probably such a popular spot that all of the benches near the fountain were full?)

Grand Prix
When Arnold and Eugene run their go-karts into each other while qualifying for the All-City Junior Go-Kart race, they team up to race against Wolfgang and Helga
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Stark Howell
Animation Direction by Larry Leichliter
Storyboard Artists: Kurt Dumas, Celia Kendrick

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Eugene - Ben Diskin (credited as "Disken")
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Wolfgang, Jacques - Toran Caudell
Giuseppe - Steve Viksten
Phoebe, Italian girl, French girl - Anndi L. McAfee
Grandpa, announcer (uncredited) - Dan Castellaneta
Edmund - Tim Wiley

  • "The Dark Avenger" wasn't a particularly dark shade of blue
  • How did either Arnold or Gerald qualify if neither of them finished the qualifying race (especially Eugene, who left the track)?
  • Go-Kart races shouldn't be so long that a pit stop is necessary (but since everybody stopped, the rules may have required everyone to have a pit stop)
  • Helga's Go-Kart was named "Helga's Angel"; "Helga's Angels" was the name of her bowling team in "Coach Wittenberg"
  • Somebody needs to explain to Phoebe that the "inside rail" is usually the unsafest part of the track, since it requires the tighest turns and is the part everyone tries to go to, as it makes each lap shorter - but because it's the shortest part of the course, it's good strategy anyway
  • Arnold is glad he beat Wolfgang - but didn't his Go-Kart cause Wolfgang to crash?   In real racing, the "loser" usually starts beating up on the "winner" at this point (but Wolfgang probably saw Arnold in "Mugged" and knows better than to lay a hand on him without a gang of fifth graders by his side)
  • "Gerald Who?": At the end, Phoebe has that look in her eyes - but she's looking at Giuseppe, not Gerald

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