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Episode 309 
The Aptitude Test / Oskar Gets a Job 

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The Aptitude Test
An aptitude test shows Harold to have exceptional talents, while Helga is suited to be a "woodsperson"
Written by Antoinette Stella
Storyboard Direction by Stark Howell
Animation Direction by Larry Leichliter
(only Stark Howell received a "Directed By" credit)
Storyboard Artist: Kurt Dumas

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Gerald - Jamil W. Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Phoebe - Anndi L. McAfee
Stinky - Christopher P. Walberg
Eugene - Ben Diskin (credited as "Disken")
Brainy - Craig M. Bartlett
Harold's father - David Wohl
Harold's mother - Kath E. Soucie
Big Bob Pataki - Maurice LaMarche
Mr. Simmons - Dan Butler (uncredited)

  • The magazine Harold was reading had a price of $1 USA, $10 Canada
  • Mr. Simmons asked that each student put their name on the test folders, but the folders already had names on them when he handed them out (and Brainy's said "Brainy")
  • When Eugene dropped the tests, just about all of them fell out of their folders, but apparently only Harold and Helga's were switched
  • The test paper Eugene put back in Harold's folder was blank
  • The "concerto" Harold was commenting about was really the overture to the opera Carmen (as seen in "What's Opera, Arnold?")
  • Somebody call Dan Butler's agent: Mr. Simmons was uncredited

Oskar Gets a Job
Oskar gets a job as a newspaper delivery boy - then his job becomes making excuses so Arnold will actually deliver the papers
Written by Steve Viksten
Storyboard Direction by Kelly James
Animation Direction by Steve Socki
Storyboard Artist: Chris Robertson

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Gerald - Jamil W. Smith
Oskar - Steve Viksten
Suzie, Tedesco Industries woman - Mary Scheer
Grandma, Sherman Transport woman - Tress MacNeille
Ernie, newspaper man - Dom Irrera
Mr. Hyunh - Baoan Coleman
"Big Man" (man talking to Oskar) - Craig M. Bartlett

  • Shouldn't Suzie's stirrup pants be worn inside her shoes?
  • The washer and dryer are from "Peru Electric", and there are two of each in the laundry room
  • At the end, Arnold is flying his kite at 6 AM

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