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Episode 305 
Stinky Goes Hollywood / Olga Gets Engaged 

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Stinky Goes Hollywood
Stinky is selected to be the new "spokeskid" for Yahoo Soda - but when he discovers why he was chosen, he has to decide whether fame or pride is more important

Written by Steve Viksten
Storyboard Direction by Tuck Tucker
Animation Direction by Larry Leichliter
(only Tuck Tucker received a "Directed By" credit)
Storyboard Artist: Miyuki Hoshikawa

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Stinky - Christopher P. Walberg
Helga, Camp Fire Lass - Francesca Marie Smith
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Director, Chauffeur - Bronson Pinchot
Revis, Stinky's father (uncredited; unconfirmed) - Maurice LaMarche
Jackie Lee - Wendy Kaveloff
Oskar - Steve Viksten
Makeup Lady - Kath E. Soucie (uncredited; unconfirmed)

  • Stinky never uses the word "bites" in this story
  • Things we learn about Stinky: his last name (Petersen), the fact that Stinky is his real first name, he lives in what looks like a shack, and (apparently) he lives with just his father
  • ...although the newspaper with Stinky's picture on it spells it "Peterson"
    So does Stinky, in "Stinky's Pumpkin"
  • Gloria Alert: she's sitting near the back of the theater when Stinky goes up on stage
  • "Just Drink It" - does Nike own Yahoo Soda?
  • Gerald's mother and Mrs. Vitello are in the Revis & Jackie Lee audience
  • The commercials are filmed at Snee-Oosh Studios; Snee-Oosh is the name of the production company for Hey Arnold!
  • One of the shows at the studio was "The Abdicator" (Eugene's favorite show, from "Eugene Goes Bad")
  • Even if Stinky wanted to sign the contract, since when is a contract signed by someone under 18 considered valid?
  • ...and even if it was, would it still be valid if he signed it with the pencil his father tried to hand him?

Olga Gets Engaged
Helga's sister Olga announces that she's getting married, despite her parents' initial objections, although Helga is all for it (if only to get Olga out of the house once and for all), but when Olga's fiancee lies his way into Big Bob and Miriam's hearts, will Helga stop things before Olga makes a mistake?
Written by Antoinette Stella
Storyboard Direction by Dan Povenmire
Animation Direction by Steve Socki
(only Dan Povenmire received a "Directed By" credit)
Storyboard Artist: Jay Lender

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Helga, Sheena - Francesca Marie Smith
Phoebe - Anndi L. McAfee
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Olga - Nika (also known as Nika Futterman)
Doug - Peter Scolari
Big Bob Pataki - Maurice LaMarche
Miriam Pataki - Kath E. Soucie

  • One of Olga's pictures on the wall has orange hair
  • The Pataki house must have thin windows; Helga is able to hear Doug's conversation with Miriam from outside with the window closed
  • Doug's last name is "LeSham"; quite appropriate, considering a "sham" is another word for a "fake"
  • When Doug talks to Helga on the wedding day, you can see him turned away from the mirror, yet you can see his mouth in the mirror reflection
  • Apparently, Olga can't tell Helga's handwriting apart from Doug's
  • From her two (well, three, if you count "Arnold's Christmas") appearances, Olga is a talented pianist; she shouldn't have that much problem making money as a professional musician if she should leave school
  • Miriam was a world-class swimmer who dropped out of college to get married - well, Nickelodeon already has a former world-class swimmer working for them; Summer Sanders, host of Figure It Out and Olympic swimming gold medalist

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