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Episode 302 
Dangerous Lumber / Mr. Hyunh Goes Country 

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Dangerous Lumber
Every time Arnold hits a ball in baseball, somebody gets hurt, so he hangs up his bat; can Mickey Kaline (Arnold's favorite player, from "The Baseball") talk him back into the game in time to play against Wolfgang's team?
Written by John D. Beck and Ron Hart
Storyboard Direction by Sherm Cohen
Animation Direction by Steve Socki and Frank Weiss
(only Sherm Cohen and Frank Weiss received "Directed By" credits)
Storyboard Artist: Tim Parsons

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Gerald - Jamil W. Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Eugene, kid on sidewalk - Ben Diskin (credited as "Disken")
Grandpa, Jolly Olly Ice Cream man (umpire) - Dan Castellaneta
Ernie - Dom Irrera
Wolfgang - Toran Caudell
Mickey Kaline, hot dog cooker - Ron Perlman

  • The scoreboard has the home team on top, which is incorrect, as the visiting team always bats first
  • Gerald calls the field "Geraldfield" as if it's one word, but the scoreboard (and Mickey Kaline) says it's two words
  • According to the scoreboard, Gerald Field was dedicated July 25, 1997, but "The Vacant Lot" first aired in 1996
  • The dedication date is missing during the game against Wolfgang's team
  • When Arnold is on the roof, the baseball diamond is out of shape
  • Arnold calls Ernie "Mister Potts"
  • The batting cage says "no pepper", but "pepper" is not a game that can be played against a pitching machine (it involves a number of fielders throwing the ball at a nearby batter, who hits it right back to them)
  • Everybody is using a wooden bat (only professional leagues require using a wooden bat, and those seem to be the only ones that use them, mainly because metal bats hit the ball harder and don't break, saving somebody a lot of money)
  • When Arnold hits his home run, the "Hollywood Cow Farm" sign turns into "Holy Cow", which is associated with the late Cubs (among other teams, but best associated with the Cubs) announcer Harry Caray

Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Mr. Hyunh and his incredible singing voice is led down the road to Country & Western stardom by Arnold and Gerald

Written by Steve Viksten and Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Stark Howell
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
(only Stark Howell received a "Directed By" credit)
Storyboard Artists: Kurt Dumas, Chris Robertson

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Gerald - Jamil W. Smith
Mr. Hyunh (speaking) - Baoan Coleman
Mr. Hyunh (singing), Travis Randall - Randy Travis
Oskar, Stagehand - Stephen Viksten
Grandpa, Ice Kentucky - Dan Castellaneta
Nashville Ned (radio DJ), customer in restaurant - Craig Bartlett
Boy at fair - Haro Oziol (credited as Hari Oziel

  • The credits mention that the song was "written by Craig Bartlett (and) Steve Viksten", but the CD The Best of Nicktoons includes Jim Lang (who, I presume, wrote the music) and Joseph Purdy
  • Mr. Hyunh's first name is never mentioned; he even signs his autograph "Mr. Hyunh"
  • This is the first time Mr. Hyunh's job (working at El Patio) has been mentioned
  • MJZZ radio is now KDUDE; in "real life", this would put its location west of the Mississippi River, since all new stations beginning with "K" are located there (there are some stations east of the Mississippi that begin with "K", but they got their call letters before the rule was made), but in real life, stations in the USA couldn't start with M in the first place
    This fits in with the Washington sign later seen in "Road Trip"
  • There was a scene where the song is being played on a (vinyl) record, even though originally it was only put onto CDs
  • The pictures at the recording studio and the Great Ole Opry (which is a takeoff on Nashville's "Grand Ole Opry") include Slim Wickens (based on Slim Pickens), Polly Barton (Dolly Parton), and Honk Williams (Hank Williams, who did a lot more for country music than being Hank Williams, Jr.'s father)
  • You get one line in the entire series, and they spell your name wrong: actor Hari Oziol was credited as "Hari Oziel".

Song Lyrics to "The Simple Things"

You can offer me a diamond-plated pearl;
You can send me all the riches in the world;
You can tempt me with the palaces of kings;
I'd give 'em back in a big ol' sack and keep the simple things

I've got the simple things; I've got the rain in spring,
Got spicy chicken wings, and French-fried onion rings

You can line me up a mile of limousines;
For me it don't add up to a hill o' beans;
I got no hankerin' for grabbin' your brass ring;
It's crystal clear - I'll stay right here and keep the simple things

I've got the summer breeze, got 16 cans of peas,
A two-speed window fan when it's 93 degrees,
So forgive me for not grabbin' your brass ring;
It's crystal clear - I'll stay right here and keep the simple things

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