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Episode 212 
Eating Contest / Rhonda's Glasses 

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Eating Contest
Grandpa trains Arnold for the annual neighborhood eating contest, but Arnold's competition isn't called "the disposal" just because he stands in the kitchen sink and makes a lot of noise...
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Kelly James
Animation Direction by Steve Socki
(Steve Socki is listed first in the "Directed By" credits)
Storyboard Artist: Kelly James

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Gerald - Jamil Smith
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Stinky, (uncredited) Young Phil - Christopher Walberg
Grandpa, Grandpa's father, the Jolly Olly man (uncredited) - Dan Castellaneta
Oskar - Steven Viksten
Mr. Green, the 1920s contest judge - James Keane

  • Grandpa says "no one in our line has ever failed to distinguish themself in the neighborhood eat-off", yet he never mentions how either of Arnold's parents did
  • ...and there's no such word as "themself" (I assume Grandpa meant "his or her self")
  • Another new meaning of "fair and square": Arnold won the contest by not eating! He just sat there while Seymour ate most of the ice cream, then Arnold just ate a tiny bite (most eating contests are either "how much can you eat in a certain time" (for example, the Nathan's Hot Dogs contest on Coney Island every July 4) or "who can eat a certain amount of food the fastest")
  • Up until now, the voice of Gerald was credited as "Jamil W. Smith"; in this episode, it's "Jamil Smith"
  • Does Mr. Simmons' class have a different lunch time than everybody else?  Just about everybody in the lunch room was from his class
  • At lunch, Helga is sitting with Sheena, while Phoebe is sitting with Brainy
  • In the first scene of the festival day, Chocolate Boy is in the crowd...eating a vanilla ice cream cone!
  • Helga is nowhere to be seen at the contest before she makes her comment about Grandma's peppers - and then she disappears again (of course, the contest scenes aren't "continuous action", so maybe she "dropped by" at that moment)
  • At the end, Grandpa says he had saved half of the herring sandwich, but he pulls out an entire sandwich

Rhonda's Glasses
Rhonda, P.S. 118's trendsetter and walking fashion statement, becomes a geek when she has to get glasses, but a taste of how "the other half" lives leads her to stage a "revenge of the geeks"
Written by Antoinette Stella
Storyboard Direction by George S. Chialtas
Animation Direction by Larry Leichliter
(Only Larry Leichliter received a "Directed By" credit)
Storyboard Artists: Rob Porter, Kurt Dumas

Arnold - Phillip Van Dyke
Helga, Sheena (uncredited) - Francesca Marie Smith
Brainy - Craig Bartlett
Eugene - Ben Diskin
Rhonda - Olivia Hack
Principal Wartz - David Wohl
Rhonda's mother - Lori Alan
Older girl on bus - Ashley Cafagna
School nurse (Shelley) - Mary Gross

  • If Rhonda is such a trendsetter, why does she wear the same outfit every day? (Well, except for the French outfit in "Ms. Perfect")
  • If the only thing that made Rhonda a geek was her glasses, why didn't she just take them off before getting on the bus?
  • Arnold didn't seem to mind the "geeks to the back" system before Rhonda made her stand; then again, Arnold never had to sit in the back
  • There's something you don't see every day: Helga pays someone (Rhonda, in her newer glasses) a compliment
  • Rhonda seemed to be doing well enough in school so far despite not being able to see very well
  • If Rhonda takes the bus to school every day, why doesn't she have a bus pass like Arnold (and Sid, in "Arnold Saves Sid")?
  • Now we know why Helga calls Rhonda "Rhondaloid" (see "Arnold's Christmas" for an example) (and note that "Wellington" is her middle name, rather than "Wellington-Lloyd being her last name; she refers to herself as "Rhonda Lloyd", and her finishing school teacher calls her this in "Polishing Rhonda")
  • I assume four-square is still actually played like it was when I was that age, and you're supposed to bounce the ball, yet when the bigger kids played it, they just toseed the ball to each other
  • In "Phoebe Cheats", Phoebe removes her glasses and looks a little like Rhonda; Rhonda returns the favor here by wearing glasses like Phoebe's, although the frames are red
  • In the last scene, Rhonda is seen through the bus's rear window as sitting in the back of the bus - but just before that, she's talking to the girl with the frizzy hair in a seat closer to the front

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