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Episode 131 
Part Time Friends / Biosquare 

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If you're wondering why this episode was withheld in the USA until the third season: there were 26 episodes made for the first season, but Nickelodeon decided to only use 20, and show the rest in the next season - there are two theories as to why this episode was held another season: one, it was to make room for "Parents Day", which was eventually withheld; two, they wanted to make "Part Time Friends" a "video exclusive release", which meant that they wouldn't show it for at least eight months after it was released on video

Part Time Friends
Arnold and Gerald work at Mrs. Vitello's flower shop, but when Mrs. Vitello gets injured and puts Gerald in charge, the boys' friendship is tested
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Stark Howell
Animation Direction by Juli Murphy-Hashiguchi
Storyboard Artists: Tricia Garcia, Kelly James

Arnold - Toran Caudell
Gerald - Jamil W. Smith
Mrs. Vitello - Elizabeth Ashley
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Eugene - Jarrett Lennon (credited as "Jarret")
Grandpa, male customers (uncredited) - Dan Castellaneta
Woman in hospital, woman in flower shop - Danica Ivancevic
Man in hospital - Craig Bartlett

  • One of the signs in Mrs. Vitello's shop read "With ferns like these, who needs anemones"?
  • Gerald needs to keep reading business magazines until he gets to "diminishing returns"; if you charge $30 a rose, you'll probably make zero dollars as nobody will buy them
  • When Helga speaks, she has a rather large overbite
  • Speaking of Helga, the blimp in Arnold's dream of the future says "Get a free Yahoo Soda with every beeper at Helga's Beepers"
  • Grandpa's 1926 flashback included "Vitello's General Merchandise" store
  • Dan Castellaneta was also credited as "street vendor", but the only street vendor (in the flashback) didn't speak

Arnold and Helga have different ideas on how to spend 24 hours doing scientific experiments in Grandpa's greenhouse
Written by Jordana Arkin
Storyboard Direction by Kelly James
Animation Direction by Steve Socki
Storyboard Artists: Tricia Garcia, Melissa Suber

Arnold - Toran Caudell
Helga - Francesca Marie Smith
Grandpa - Dan Castellaneta
Phoebe - Anndi L. McAfee
Stinky - Christopher P. Walberg
Miss Slovak - Tress MacNeille
Oskar - Steve Viksten

  • In some countries, "Biosquare" airs with "Partners"; in fact, most TV listings in the USA say "Biosquare / Partners" when this epsiode airs (I think the change in the USA has something to do with wanting "Part Time Friends" to be released to video first, which meant it couldn't air for eight months afterwards)
  • Helga could use a little more exercise, considering how fat she looks after she eats her food
  • Arnold's poster at school says "Bio Square" (two words), but the story title is one word
  • If Helga wanted an "easy A", why didn't she get Phoebe as her partner?   (Perhaps Miss Slovak purposely assigned boy-girl teams - but there are far more boys than girls in the class)
  • If there were no ants in the ant farm to begin with, how did the tunnels get there?
  • ...and how did the tunnels get into the one Arnold had at school, if Helga wrecked the first one?
  • Bad Hair Day: when Phoebe and Stinky are doing their project, Nadine's hair is dark brown
  • Bad Hair Day, Part Two: At the end, Sid has long hair sticking out of the back of his hat (the hair wasn't there earlier in the episode)
  • When Helga put on her pajamas (for lack of a better word for them), where did her clothes go?  (And where were her pajamas to begin with?)
  • Science lesson (don't quote me on these, as environmental science was not one of my strong subjects):
    • "Biosquare" is a variation of "Biosphere", an experiment where a number of people planned to live about a year in an entirely self-contained collection of buildings - even the air and water were recycled from the inside
    • As Phoebe mentioned, Pavlov did train a dog to drool every time it rang a bell (by feeding it when the bell rang; eventually, the dog would drool without the food) - but originally it had more to do with getting dog saliva than "conditioning" the dog
  • Arnold commented that the Biosquare didn't have electricity or lights, because they weren't "natural" - but neither is a water faucet (yes, water itself is natural, but so are electricity (as in lightning) and light)

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