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Episode 122 
Hall Monitor / Harold's Bar Mitzvah 

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Hall Monitor
When Helga sees that Phoebe is too meek to be a good hall monitor, Helga teaches Phoebe how to stand up to kids - and turns her into "Field Marshall Phoebe"
Written by Rachel Lipman
Storyboard Direction by Kelly James
Animation Direction by Steve Socki
Storyboard Artist: Sherm Cohen

Arnold - Toran Caudell
Gerald, Peapod Kid (boy running to math test) - Jamil W. Smith
Helga, Sheena - Francesca Marie Smith
Phoebe - Anndi L. McAfee
Brainy - Craig Bartlett
Rhonda (uncredited) - Olivia Hack
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Principal Wartz - David Wohl

  • Presumably, this was supposed to be the first episode to mention Phoebe's last name (Heyerdahl), but "Phoebe Cheats" was shown first (in North America, anyway)
  • When Helga holds her bullhorn down, the "P.S. 118" logo is backwards (as if it's being reflected in a mirror)
  • When Phoebe's glasses are off, you can't see the whites of her eyes, like you can (barely) in "Helga's Makeover" and (much larger) in "Phoebe Cheats"
  • As Phoebe walks down the hall, the floor tiles become smaller and change color much faster than they should
  • One of the signs Phoebe puts up is "20 steps per minute"; that's one step every three seconds, which is incredibly slow
  • When the lunch line was first shown, Brainy was tenth in line, but then he's at the front of the line
  • Phoebe gives a detention slip to someone not in Arnold's class (the kid going to a math test), but only kids in Arnold's class are actually serving detention
  • Phoebe isn't wearing her scrunchie in her hair at the end

Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Harold doesn't think he's ready to go through with this Jewish celebration of manhood; can Arnold show him the truth before Harold rows to Elk Island?
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Dan Povenmire
Animation Direction by Juli Murphy-Hashiguchi
Storyboard Artists: Tricia Garcia, Melissa Suber

Arnold - Toran Caudell
Gerald - Jamil W. Smith
Helga, Sheena - Francesca Marie Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Stinky, young boy - Christopher P. Walberg
Rabbi Goldberg - Elliot Gould
Harold's father, bus driver - David Wohl
Harold's mother, Danny - Kath E. Soucie
Danny's mother, young boy - Lisa Fuson
Bully on bus - Jimmy Peterson

  • Torvald is about 13 and a fourth grader, and everybody makes a big deal out of it, yet Harold is also 13 and a fourth grader, and nobody seems to notice
  • In Harold's dream, Sheena, Arnold, and Gerald are wearing desert clothes, but Helga is wearing her usual dress
  • When Harold is reading from the Torah, he's reading it from right to left...but of course you already knew that Hebrew is written that way
  • Did you ever notice that, up until this episode, they never show any of the characters in any "house of worship" (such as a church) of any kind?
  • When everyone is dancing at the end, Helga is wearing her dress with the pink sleeves and white collar that looks like the one she wore in the "original" version of "24 Hours to Live" (and like the one she wore in the original Claymation shorts, except that one was a darker shade of red)
  • The Jolly Olly Ice Cream man looks a little different than he usually does
  • Justin Shenkarow got two credits as Harold
  • I've been told by "someone who knows about these things" that (a) the Hebrew that Harold is reading from the Torah isn't actually in the Torah, but a prayer read at a Bar Mitzvah before reading from the Torah, and (b) the words that Harold points to as he reads don't match what he's speaking.

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